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Aperitivo (Appetisers)


Italian bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil 4.9

Fresh Italian bread served with a side of

aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin

olive oil. (3 slices per serving).


Garlic Bread 4.9

Italian bread lightly toasted with garlic

butter. (3 slices per serving).


Bruschetta 6.9

Fresh vine ripened tomatoes, basil, garlic and

extra virgin olive oil (2 slices per serving)



Please let staff know before placing an order, if you have any dietary requirements or have any allergies.

Most dishes contain Garlic, Dairy, Gluten and Chilli.


Primi Piatti (Entrée)


Zuppe del Giorno (Soup of the day) Market Price

Served with fresh Italian bread, please ask waiter for

daily variety.


Marinated Olives 13

Mixed olives marinated, garlic, chilli, mix herbs

and spices. Served with fresh Italian bread.


Arancini 15.9/22.9

Risotto & bacon arancini balls with aioli

& balsamic glaze.


Antipasto 16.9/23.9

A vegetarian delight of homemade Italian delicacies.


Polpette (Meatballs) 16.9 / 23.9

Homemade meatballs topped with a Napolitana peperonata sauce, melted mozzarella cheese,

fresh basil and shaved parmesan.

A Borrelli’s family tradition -

* With pasta add extra $4


Strawberry Risotto 17/22

Arborio rice pan tossed in a creamy sauce,

Fresh strawberries & parmesan cheese and

finished with a balsamic glaze and parsley


Garlic Prawns & Mussels 17.9 / 24.9

Tiger prawns & mussels sautéed in garlic

with a hint of chilli, a dash of white wine and our

napolitana sauce.


Salt & Pepper Squid 17.9 / 24.9

Coated in our secret seasoning mix and lightly

fried until tender. Served with our homemade

lemon aioli & balsamic glaze.



I Secondi Piatti (Mains)

Gluten free penne extra $3.00 Add chicken extra $4.00

Add chorizo extra $4.00 Add bacon extra $4.00


Spaghetti Aglio E Olio 18.9

Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chilli, basil,

cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese.


Funghi & Polenta 18.9

Mushrooms sautéed with garlic, in a creamy sauce

balsamic glaze, presented on baked polenta.


Fettuccine Arabiatta 18.9

Al dente pasta with Napolitana sauce, black olives,

cherry tomatoes, chilli & garlic.


Gnocchi alla Napolitana 18.9

Potato dumplings tossed in our traditional napolitana sauce and topped with basil & parmesan cheese.


Spaghetti Bolognaise 19.9

Traditional Italian tomato and meat sauce.


Risotto Borrelli 21.9

Arborio rice with pan fried chorizos, mushrooms,

a hint of chilli, garlic & shallots in a creamy sauce.

* With prawns add extra $4


Fettuccine Amatriciana 20.9

Al dente pasta, bacon, onions, napolitana sauce

& flavoured with white wine.


Wild Mushroom Risotto 21.9

Shiitake, enoki & oyster mushrooms with truffle

paste in a porcini broth and a parmesan wafer.


Fresh Ravioli 22.9

Homemade ravioli, filled with quinoa, cauliflower

and orange zest in a Roquefort cream sauce.


Gnocchi Gorgonzola 22.9

Fresh gnocchi of heirloom carrots, broccolini,

gorgonzola and tomato concasse.


Gnocchi Pomodoro 22.9

Potato dumplings tossed cherry tomatoes,

capers, basil, garlic in a napolitana sauce and

finished with bocconcini cheese.


Fettuccine Boscaiola 22.9

Fettuccine pasta with mushrooms,

garlic, shallots and bacon with a creamy white

sauce, parmesan and parsley.


Mama’s Traditional Lasagne 24.9

Layers of freshly homemade egg pasta, filled

with eggs, meat, cheese and sauce. Served

on a bed of rich creamy napolitana sauce and

topped mozzarella gratin.


Spaghetti Marinara 26.9

Spaghetti with a medley of seafood;

including fish, prawns, calamari, mussels cooked

in a white wine, garlic, chilli & napolitana sauce.


Penne & Pollo Pesto 28

Al dente penne with chicken, bacon, sundried

tomatoes and mushrooms sautéed in garlic and

finished in a creamy pesto sauce with parmesan



Pollo Vacilica 28.9

Tender chicken breast with a lemon caper &

white wine jus and served on mash potatoes.


Pollo Grana 28.9

Chicken breast pan fried with a creamy garlic

seeded mustard and shallot sauce. Served with

kumera mash.


Pollo Tartufo 29.9

Chicken breast, polenta cake, shiitake

mushrooms, truffle paste, cream ,pistachio

dust and orange rain.


Lamb Shank 29.9

Lamb shank, slow cooked with beetroot chips

& potato mash.


Vitello Moda 32

Grain fed veal escalopes with tiger prawns in a

cream and brandy sauce & kumera mash


Vitello Saltimbocca 32

Grain fed veal escalopes topped with sage and

prosciutto then pan fried. Served with broccoli

& a garlic white wine jus.


Veal Soprano 32

Grain fed veal escalopes with garlic, rosemary in

white wine & lemon juice and served with seasonal



Filetto Funghi 34.9

Grain fed Sirloin steak, with a creamy mushroom

sauce and served with mash potatoes.


Filetto Sinatra 35.9

Grain fed Sirloin steak, grilled prosciutto and tiger

prawns, potato fondant, dried rhubarb in a red

wine & rosemary jus.


Filetto Alcapone 36.9

Grain fed sirloin steak with tiger prawns, calamari

& mussels, pan tossed with a creamy mustard sauce and served with mash potatoes.


Please let staff know before placing an order, if you have any dietary requirements or have any allergies. Most dishes contain Garlic, Dairy, Gluten and Chilli.



Contorni (Sides)


Insalata Caprese 9.5

Tomatoes, bocconcini, basil & olive oil.


Potatoes 9.5

Potatoes tossed with prosciutto and rosemary.


Market Vegetables 9.5

A mixture of seasonal vegetables


Organic Insalata Italiano 10.9

Mixed leaves with tomato, cucumber, Spanish

onions, capsicums, olives and our home made



Dolci (Desserts)  

 dishes can contain, garlic, dairy, gluten & chilli . Let waitstaff know if you have any diet requirements or allergies before placing order.